Autry House

The Episcopal Mission to Rice University

The Bishop Cometh!!

At 6:30PM, on Sunday September 28th, in the year of our Lord 2014, Autry House shall play host to the Rt. Rev’d C. Andrew Doyle, the Bishop of Texas, and the underwriter of our ministry! Please join us to welcome Bishop Doyle into our ranks and show our gratitude for the Diocese’s support of our ministry!

Sermon from last Sunday. The text is Exodus 3: 1-15.

1 week ago

Sermon from our first Sunday of Autry House! The text is Matthew 16: 13-20.

2 weeks ago


Howdy Folks - we’re proud to announce our Fall Program Schedule!

Church will resume at 6:30 on Sunday nights with a free dinner afterwards on August 24th, the Sunday before classes start. We’ll do church in St. Bede’s and retire upstairs for dinner.

Wednesday afternoon lunches will resume at Brochstein Pavilion on August 27th, the first Wednesday of classes.

As a new wrinkle, we will be adding a book discussion group every Friday afternoon at the lunch hour. We’ll meet in the RMC, to add some variety to our locales.

Come join us!

Sermon from the third Sunday of Lent.  The text is Romans 5: 1-11.

5 months ago

Sermon from the first Sunday of Lent.  The text is Genesis 2: 15-17; 3: 1-7.

5 months ago

Sermon from the last Sunday of Epiphany.  The text is Matthew 17: 1-9.

5 months ago

Sermon from last Sunday.  The text is Matthew 5: 38-48.

6 months ago

Sermon from last Sunday.  The text is Matthew 5: 21-37.

6 months ago

Sermon on the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple, delivered by Mr. David Goldberg.  The text is Luke 2: 22-40.

7 months ago